10 Ways Non-Runners Drive Runners Crazy

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve collected stories from runners about the things that their non-running friends and relatives (and strangers) say and do that drive them nuts. And so with love and affection for all my non-running friends, I’ve created a list…

  1. Ask them if they think that they will win that race they are about to run (Most runners would be thrilled just to get an age group award)
  2. Ask them how many miles that marathon is that they are planning to run or if they are running “a 5K marathon” (All marathons are 26.2 miles. 5Ks aren’t marathons, they are 3.1 miles. 10Ks aren’t marathons either, they are 6.2 miles)
  3. Ask them if they really got that marathon medal “just for finishing” (Just? OK, come with me next time and see if you don’t feel that you deserve it!)
  4. Pull over and ask them for directions while they are running
 (You’re lost, we’re busy. Apologies if this sounds harsh. You’d understand if this was the fourth time you’d been stopped on one run)
  5. Letting dogs roam the park, yard, sidewalk unleashed. And forgetting to clean up after them… (Of course Killer is friendly and won’t bite…)
  6. Tell them that their knees won’t stand up to the pounding of running much longer. (There is no evidence that running is bad for your knees and may actually be good for them!)
  7. Tell them that running is bad for them… you saw a study somewhere… (Running keeps us fit and stress free)
  8. Walk two or three abreast on the sidewalk and refuse to move over when a runner calls out “on your right”(Can’t we all share the sidewalk?)
  9. Bad driving habits – distracted driving, cell phones, texting, blocking the crosswalk, swerving, or leaving ice on the right side of your windshield in the winter (We’re feeling a little vulnerable here and wondering if we need to dive into the poison ivy on the side of the road right about now)
  10. And while we’re on drivers… splashing us from head to foot by driving through the puddle that you might have avoided – especially in the winter (Icy slush bath – great way to start a run!)

Runners — Which are your pet peeves and what else should be on the list? And non-runners, in the interest of genuine dialogue, what do we runners do that drive YOU crazy?


10 responses to “10 Ways Non-Runners Drive Runners Crazy

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  2. You nailed it with 8, 9 and 10 for me.

  3. Funny post, thanks for sharing. Mine: runners in front of you who pick up their pace when the finally notice you’re behind them. Fashionista joggers – as opposed to runners – who matching outfits including shoes that look sparkling new. Joggers who wear perfume…while running. Joggers who won’t stop moving at stoplights….calm down, it’s ok to have your heartbeat slow a little. 🙂

  4. #8 and #9 – seriously – yes! Big time.

  5. Gosh, its so funny, I had all of those 😀 I also hate it when people are honking at me while driving past. It doesn’t sound too loud from the comfort of their air-conditioned cars, but it totally freaks me out and makes me jump out of my skin sometimes.

  6. I have to comment on the “finisher’s medal” thing. I can’t believe someone would say that to you. As I told my friend who ran, and finished, Boston last year – If I had a medal for finishing a marathon I would wear it everyday for the rest of my life. LOL. It’s a huge accomplishment! Kudos to you!

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